Go walking!

For a lighter and social approach to exercise.

Barrow Quay, Athy, County Kildare

About us

We prefer to take a more relaxed approach to exercise by offering guided walks within our local communities. Evenings in the fresh air with us are as much about the social aspect as they are about the physical. Its about returning home gently tired, having chatted and explored your way throughout the evening with friends. 

The beautiful countyside

Getting out

Our evening walks take in both urban and rural routes. With different trails each night, you may find yourself exploring unknown areas of your home town or adventuring along a dark forest trail under the light of your head torch.  We provide hi-vis vests and head torches to all participants, keeping people safe and accounted for as we venture down new tracks. Our evening rambles aim to exercise the body, refresh the mind and spark the spirit of adventure. 

We also offer guided walks for both individuals and groups. If you need a guide for the day to show you some of the beautiful walking trails and routes around Kildare, Laois, Carlow or Kilkenny; just contact us on 087-2061999 or cliff@walkingclub.ie and we can arrange. We can cater for groups up to 20 people.