Evening walk at Stradbally Wood

What Do I Need

1. Head Torch (Provided). Our trails very often take us out of towns, down country lanes and along forest roads. We usually like to venture where there is no street lights. Therefore a head torch is very useful. Of an evening you may find yourself rambling with only the moonlight and your head torch to show the way.
2. Hi Vis Vest (Provided). Following routes along roads and through town in the evening time, whether in winter or summer, a hi-vis is a must. All participants are required to wear one as safety is paramount.

3. Waterproof Jacket. This is Ireland!! It rains. A lot. Unfortunately we don't provide jackets or waterproof leggings. So if you want to stay dry and comfortable, we recommend their use. Other than that, comfortable clothes for walking in. The trick is to wear warm clothes that can be removed or opened if you become too warm. For example, I always bring a warm woolly hat that fits nicely into my pocket if I get too warm.  
4. Comfortable walking shoes. While runners/trainers with a good heel are fine for many, we recommend a trekking shoe. Better still, a walking boot that comes above the ankle is best. We will be walking forest trails, towpaths and roadsides at night. Therefore footwear that offers good support and are waterproof are best suited. For this we suggest a walking shoe or boot.
5. Water and a snack. While not essential, a small bottle of water/drink and snack that can easily be carried is always a good idea.  
6. Your medication. eg inhalers, heart meds etc.